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A Quick Study Overview on Air Conditioner

More often than not, the house owners don’t care about their air conditioners and after landing up in a problem, then they realize the significance of the AC. In order to make possible that AC runs fine, it is important to know about it and its components. Knowing about the AC will help in figuring out the potential problems and will help you in resolving them much earlier. So to make you understand about the AC, the AC repair Plantation has described some of the very important things related to the AC unit.

The most common AC type which people of Florida uses is a split system. This system has mainly five major components, namely the indoor unit or compressor, the outdoor unit or condenser, evaporator coil, the condenser coil, ducts, blower etc.

The main function of the evaporator coil is to remove heat and moisture from the air so that the cool air circulation can be maintained. The condenser coil is located in the outdoor unit helps in releasing the heat from the home to outside.

The condenser coil is seated inside the casing of the compressor and the compressor connects the two coils and helps in the flow of the refrigerant between them. Now how the inside work happens? Well! The blower will throw the air all inside the house and the ducts circulate the air all over in an even manner. The ducts circulate not only the cool air, but hot air also depending upon which appliance is being used whether AC or heat pump.

So this was a short description of a split system components. For more information, you can always contact AC repair Plantation service all 24*7.

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