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Are you thinking to buy a brand new air conditioning unit for your home? Buy a central AC system that has a variable speed motor. Most of us are not aware that these options are available in the AC system and hence we buy one that offers full speed and shuts off. Do you know, when you switch ON, the unit runs at full capacity and so does the motor? This is not an efficient way to operate. Hence, choose a multi-speed motor to get best from your unit and save money on your energy bills.

Here’s why:

  1. A multi-speed motor will allow the unit to run at a comparatively slower speed so as to save a significant amount of energy. Depending upon the temperature of your home, the unit will cool down the home faster and runs at full speed only in extremely hot summer days.
  2. One of the major advantages of a multi-speed motor is that it enhances energy efficiency. Since the unit runs higher only when absolutely required, it will save you large on your bill.
  3. Another benefit of a multi-speed motor is that you don’t need to worry about frequently clogged air filters and numerous obstructions in your duct work. If there is any as such issue, the motor will increase the speed to maintain your desired level of temperature.
  4. Another major advantage is the noise-free cooling. A single speed generates much noise than a multi-speed motor. As multi-speed motor starts with the lowest pace and gradually increases its speed.

So, when considering to replace your old AC unit, buy one with a multi-speed motor to avail its numerous benefits. Additionally, to maintain the efficiency of your unit, hire a professional AC repair service provider in Plantation to get the work done for you efficiently. Hiring a reliable AC repair expert of Plantation can help you get quality services at competitive prices.