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Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

It is unbearable to even take a minute off without an air conditioner in the scorching summers that not only gives you the hardest time to survive but also completely make you exhausted if not managed by an air conditioner. Now, having said so, it is totally undoubted to think an AC unit as a luxury item which only the rich can afford. Absolutely not! This machine is a necessity, not only for the few, but for all in the humid summer. Another major concern which really matters to maintain the desired temperature at home during summer is when your AC unit blows hot air even when you are punctual about its maintenance. Have you ever thought that in spite of being so particular about the maintenance of the AC machine, still, the module is blowing air? To make you understand better, AC repair Plantation has mentioned few causes here in this blog that could be responsible for an AC to behave so.

Evaporator Coil

If the evaporator coil is dirty then it will not be able to cool the air and this often happens because of the vents of the AC unit gets dirty and transfer only the dust inside the machine to the coil. The best way to prevent this is to clean the outside component of the air conditioning system with a damp cloth and also get your air conditioning system serviced by the professional of AC repair Plantation.


Another common issue of the AC system to blow hot air is simply a shortage of freon or any other coolant which usually is used by your machine. Keeping a check on the amount of Freon is very important in order to allow the unit to run flawlessly and consistently. So, get your AC unit recharged with Freon if you find it running short.


The evaporator coil is meant to have an access of fresh air in order to function properly and vents are meant to provide this fresh air but if the air gets blocked off then it is because of dirty vents which you should occasionally clean them. To have a successful functioning of an air conditioner, it is quite important to check the outside unit to ensure that nothing is blocking the vents.