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An Overheating Issue of an Air Conditioner

The air conditioning systems are always the main target to be exploited in the peak summer days when the temperatures give rise to bitterly hot days and nothing could come as a rescue other than the air conditioner cool air supply. It’s not that the air conditioners work heavily only in the peak summer time, they already went through a long time serving you since the time summer has started in a year. So when you know that your systems work so hard then don’t you think they also get overheated with time and bear a lot of pressure in order to accommodate you the best comfort in the hot summer days? Now the question is what causing overheating and why does the air conditioner fails in giving you the required services. So for your better understanding, AC repair Plantation has mentioned a few reasons of having such an abrupt behaviour of AC system.

Refrigerant Loss

The refrigerant is an essential part of the air conditioning system which helps in moving the heat out of the house to the outside but there is another thing which needs to be taken care of and which is nothing but the availability of the amount of refrigerant required for an AC. So if there are leaks in the copper refrigerant lines, the air conditioner will immediately experience a breakdown and could cause a damage to the compressor. Another indication of knowing about the refrigerant loss is when the AC gives you some unusual sounds which are a result of a loss of refrigerant.

Filthy Condenser Coils

The outdoor cabinet is always prone to catching of dirt and dust and thus stays dirty for most of the times. And this further causes the dirt to remain accumulated along the coils which makes it harder for an air conditioner to release the heat expelled from the indoor system. Now all this will let the AC unit catch heat and thus become overheated, which certainly lets the system to get damaged. The best solution for this is to use chemicals for cleaning the coils and keep the coils dirt-free.

Clogging of Filters

This issue is obvious for overheating of the AC system if you are not careful of staying the air filters clean then surely the system will get overheated. The air filters are the components which aren’t meant to get cleanup sessions after one or two months, they are meant to get replaced with a new one as the clogged air filter puts extra pressure on the blower fan motor and thus lets motor get overheated.

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