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Basic Principles of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance of every machine is an essential way of making it more functional and consistent. This maintenance rule is equally applicable to an air conditioner too, which is quite an important system in summers that make it possible to easily survive in the scorching heat of summer. So, getting the maintenance done at regular intervals of time not only make your AC unit more productive, but it also helps you in saving a lot of money which you otherwise would waste on repairs and maintenance. Now AC maintenance has also some basic principles which help in maintaining the air conditioner for a longer period of time. So, here in this blog AC maintenance Plantation is summarizing few basic principles of AC maintenance, which will surely come useful to you.

Cleaning of the Condenser Module

The condenser is an important component in giving you the cool air, so maintaining the condenser unit is very important. To start with the cleaning of the unit, first of all, dust and debris should be removed from the outside and inside properly. Also, do check the fins and get them cleaned and straightened them if you found them bent. The fan motor is an important part of the condenser and therefore should be lubricated so that it can run smoothly without making any noises.

Changing Air Filters

Now, air filters are another important component in the smooth functioning of an air conditioner. If your air conditioner is used heavily in summers then it would be better if you replace the filters at least once in a month. Changing air filters for getting cool air is necessary because if the filters are not cleaned and remain dirty, then the flow of the air will be restricted and your air conditioner has to work harder. You can change the filters either on your own or can call the technician of AC maintenance Plantation.

Cleaning of Air Ducts

Air ducts play an important role in making the house cool and pure. The cleaning and maintenance of air ducts is quite an essential task in the overall maintenance of the air conditioner. Even if there is a small leak in the ducts can lead to contamination of mold, bacteria, dust and dirt which can further result in diseases and can harm the homeowners effectively. So a thorough cleaning of the ducts is very necessary.

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