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Commercial HVAC System Repair & Maintenance

If you have commercial HVAC system installed in your business, it is crucial you schedule AC system repair and maintenance at least once a year.

The internal atmosphere of your office is important and has an effect on your bottom line. You want your employees and customers to be comfortable. A well-working AC will ensure that they have a favorable impression about your company and continue to associate themselves with you. Here are some tips to ensure that your office AC system continues to run efficiently, help you save money and keep your employees and clients happy.

Service Your System Twice A Year – When you schedule regular servicing of your machine, it helps extend the life of the equipment and ensures that it will continue to operate well all through the year. A disruption in AC services can be extremely uncomfortable for anyone in the building. It can cause your employees to be unproductive and your customers may want to move to another business where they are more comfortable.

Change Your Filters Regularly – Filters accumulate dirt and dust overtime. This in turn has an effect on the indoor air quality and on the efficiency of your system. It is therefore important to clean it regularly to keep it free of allergens, dust, mold and fungus. The last thing you want is your customers or employees to fall sick due to the internal atmosphere in the building. Replacing the filters of your system will also prevent it from freezing up, which can ultimately lead to equipment breakdown.

Repair Versus Replacement – We want to get the maximum out of the products that we buy. While minor repairs now and then are fine, if you are having to repair your machine at frequent intervals, you must compare the cost of these repairs versus that of a complete replacement. Sometimes replacement works out to be cheaper than repairs. If you are unsure whether to opt for repairs or replacements, a professional HVAC technician can inspect your machine and inform you about the cost of each; you can then decide the best option for your machine.

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