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Common AC Noise Issues and Cures

There are many reasons behind the air conditioner making noise and these noises can’t be ignored for a long time as they need to be addressed immediately because the noisy air conditioner indicates something wrong has happened to the system. The noise is a signal to find out what exactly gone wrong with the system and ignoring it can worsen the condition of the AC machine even more and fixing it later can incur a lot of the cost later if not done on time. Here in this blog two common noises and the AC noise issues are discussed.


If there is some sort of electrical issue or if there are loose wiring inside the system or the fan connector switch has burned then this type of buzzing sound may be heard. Or if you hear a sound at the outside of the fan motor then then it could be because of the failing motor. So repairing it soon can make the air conditioner free from the buzzing sound and make it work functionally well.


This type of sound occurs when some debris or stick falls on the outside unit and the fan is kicking it around. So the best thing is to turn off the AC system and check for any debris in the outside unit. Another issue could be the problem with the compressor because if the noise is coming from the compressor then it should be replaced and check whether the warranty covers the replacement of the compressor or not.

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