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Some of The Common Reasons of Air Conditioner Leakages

Though condensation is a part of the mechanism of an air conditioner unit, however, a caution is required if there is an excessive leakage found in the air conditioning system as this could damage the walls and the ceiling of the room which again requires you to invest money in its repair. There are many reasons that can create air conditioner leaks, but reading this blog will make you familiarize with the most common reasons of the leakage which AC repair Hollywood has highlighted here.

Leakage of The Air

Whether noticeable or unnoticeable warm air gets inside the air conditioner unit if the seals are not tight enough. Now when the warm air comes in contact with the cool air inside the system, the condensation starts developing. The more the air leaks inside, the more the condensation will form and this will eventually result in the collection of excess condensation which will pool at the bottom of the unit and begins to leak out. The best remedy is to always keep a check on the tightening and replacing the seals to control the moisture issue.

Broken Pump

Now, this is the common issue which could affect water leakage from the machine. You could also check this issue by putting water into a drain pan and can see if its pumped out or not. If you find that the water is not pumped out from the drain pan, then most probably the issue is with the motor or condenser or with the power source etc. Ok! You can try to check the exact reason for the water leakage, but it’s good for you to call an expert from AC repair Hollywood as he will be able to troubleshoot the problem more specifically.

Unprofessional Installation

Though once you had a bad installation done, it becomes really difficult to restore back the correct setup of the unit. It is not at all a DIY task, only the experienced technician can help you with that. Now in order to not make the situation worse, you should always keep the vents open so that it should not put excess pressure on the machine and if you found that the air conditioning unit is not at a level during installation then asking a professional to correct the issue would certainly avoid any further leakages.