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Crucial Tips to Choose Air Conditioners for Your Lovely Home

We all know that air conditioners are for the sole purpose of removing heat and humidity from our lovely home. But do you know the basic and crucial tips, how to choose the most suitable air conditioners? If you are going through the process of choosing an air conditioner for your lovely home then heed these vital considerations before you buy any unit.

Types of air conditioners you are available with:

  • Window units
  • Split air conditioner
  • Portable units
  • And the central units11

Window units are simply the most common and the best choice for the small home owners as well. It’s also a good option for the DIYers. These are the easiest to install and remove as well. Being simple in function, gets fit easily into the window and vents to the outside accordingly.

Split air conditioners are bit heavier and larger than the window ACs. Instead of setting into the window it rests within the space and a weight supporting air conditioner sleeve set into an exterior wall. As these units require bit greater amperage and voltage so need to check the electric circuitry first.

Portable air conditioners are just versatile by design and ideal for the window less spaces. It exhausts through the temporary ducting and can be moved easily from one room to another.

Central units are usually used to cool the entire house at once. Frequently joined with heating for a complete HVAC system these are a bit expensive option. Moreover it needs expert installation undoubtedly. DIY is simply a not possible option.

Also check out for the following points before buying an air conditioners:

  • Cooling capacity- measure in BTUs
  • Size of the room
  • Number of people
  • Energy efficiency

Calculating EER

Energy efficiency is measured as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). The ratio is calculated between cooling capacities in BTUs per hour to the power inputs in watts. Higher the EER rating more efficient will be the air conditioner for your lovely home saving a lot on utility bills.
Make your decision first identifying units capable of cooling your space adequately and then purchase the one from a reputed brand with the lowest BTU capacity and the highest EER rating.

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