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Ever Wondered? Why R22 is Expensive?

The R22 is a refrigerant which is the driving force behind the functioning of any air conditioning system and giving you the desired cooling effects. The owner of the air conditioner needn’t to be worried until the R22 remains in the unit and it perfectly cycle through continuously. However, the problem could be faced when your system witnesses any leaks and the need to add the refrigerant increases. If an air conditioner has a minor leak, then small amount of R22 can be added, but if the leak is larger then R22 should be added frequently which could foster you to invest huge amount of money. Also, you can’t control the amount of R22 is leaking because there is no way to figure out the size of the leak or how long the R22 will last. Now this type of R22 leaks often leads you to invest a huge amount of money on the purchase of R22 so that there should not be any deficiency in you system. Keeping this in consideration, AC repair Plantation is trying to explain you that why this R22 refrigerant is so expensive and makes you worried when you sense that it is getting leaked in your system.

Reasons for R22 to Be Expensive

A few years ago the situation was not so and R22 was not expensive, but with the spike of the Montreal Protocol (an international treaty to protect the ozone layer) the price of R22 has risen. The R22 is not considered good for the ozone layer and it has a negative impact on the environment which lets the price of R22 to be increased. Also, the production of air conditioners charged with R22 also stopped and the production of R22 was also dropped to 75 percent. More recently, the production of R22 was further dropped to 90 percent and maybe in future it will not be produced which clearly states that the price of R22 is not going to get down anytime soon.

So, this was the basic reason for R22 to be expensive, but there is no need to depend only upon R22 if there occurs leakage in your system because there are several other options for you to apply to get the leaks repaired.

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