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Few Common Issues of an Air Handler

The air handler is a useful part of an air conditioning system whose job is to make the homeowners absolutely comfortable by making the effective circulation air all around the house. The air handlers are just not to make the distribution of the air, in fact, they affect a lot on the overall efficiency of the system and not burdening the outdoor unit to work harder in keeping the home comfortable and cool in the hot weather. So when the air handler is quite a resourceful part of the overall functioning of an air conditioner, doesn’t it should get proper maintenance by air handler repair Plantation service to withstand the torrid heat of summer. Having said this, it now becomes obvious to discuss few problems that usually occur with air handler for which timely servicing sessions is really important.

Clogged Evaporator Coils

Usually, the evaporator coils get clogged up with dust and debris because of the dirty air filters or you never had a dirty filter replaced with a new and functional air filter. The evaporator coils get dirty because of the dirty filters and cause the air handler functioning to get effected adversely so in order to make the air handler work efficiently the coils should remain clean and a professional cleaning session should be imparted as often as required.

Blower Motor Failure

The motor failure of the blower can be due to several reasons and when it becomes failed then there will be no air gets through the ducts. So in order to rectify this issue the motor has to be checked and the exact reason has to be found of its failure for the rectification and once it is found out then you can repair it or replace the motor. Make sure that you never let the bad motor to work because it can be very inefficient and will be dangerous for the air handler to function.