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Get Rid of AC Blowing Hard Air Issue

Now this is absolutely tiring and annoying that when you turn ON your AC unit in the scorching heat of summer, it blows hard air which further makes the home uncomfortable and put a halt on your daily activities. The AC blowing hard air is something which not only hinder daily activities but will make your house absolutely hot which you don’t want. Here in this blog, air conditioning repair Plantation service has listed down few very obvious causes that lead to AC blows hard air.

Low Refrigerant

Now one of the most obvious reasons for air conditioner to blow hard air is because of refrigerant shortage if the refrigerant level is low and this happens because of a refrigerant leak. In this condition the AC will continue to work and blows warm air because the AC system will try to pace with the temperature set on the thermostat. If this type of condition precipitates then immediately call the professional from air conditioning repair Plantation and resolve the issue.

No Power in the Outdoor Unit

Your AC will blow hard air if the outdoor system isn’t having the power and isn’t cooling the house. There could be many reasons of why the outdoor unit doesn’t having power, maybe the circuit breaker has been tripped and not providing power to the outdoor unit. But when you notice such issue then immediately call the professional.

The Evaporator Coil becomes Dirty

Keeping the evaporator coil clean is the most important thing to keep the unit functional and avoiding it to blow hard air. So as a house owner you should always get the system checked at regular intervals of time so that the evaporator coil doesn’t accumulate dust and debris and thus stop blowing hard air.