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How to Remember to Change Air Filters on Time?

Now there would be hardly any house owner who will not prefer to have a clean indoor air in the house. Having dust-free cool air supply is one of the essential things that brings positivity, cleanliness and comfort to the house. But in today’s busy life, there are so many things that keep the house owners busy and they forget to change the air filters on time. Though changing the air filters is one of the most important things to have a cool air supply. But there is nothing to worry as AC repair Plantation service has listed few unique tips following which you can easily remember how to change the air filters on time without any hassles.

Upgrade Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats are a comfort-enhancing devices that have made lives easier and simpler. They are perfect to set the temperature, but they also come featured with attributes that can help you set automatic reminders and alerts. For instance, you can set an alert for getting a reminder to hire a technician for AC repairs. Likewise, you can set a reminder to change air filters for having a quality clear cool air supply.

Set Reminder on Mobile

If you don’t have a fancy thermostat, it doesn’t mean that you should buy one, you can set a reminder on your mobile. If you set a reminder on your mobile, it will signify you to change the filters on time. Setting a reminder on mobile is a much trouble-free thing which can save your time and efforts and will also help you to adhere to changing of filters on time.

Store Filters in an Easy to Find Place

Try to store spare filters in a location where you can find it easily. Keep it in a laundry room or a utility closet so that you can see them and use them when required. If you keep them in a location where they are out of sight, then you might not be able to change them at regular intervals of time. So always keep them in a location where they are handy and can be easily located.