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It’s a Reminder to Always Check Upon Your AC for Water Leaking

Do you remember when was the last time you checked your air conditioner? Have you checked it thoroughly or just made a brief inspection of its functioning? Whether you did a deep analysis or a short analysis of the air conditioning functioning, it’s the high time now to check upon the water leaking problem of the AC system if it is exhibiting that because that needs to be quickly fixed in order to have a smooth functioning of the system else the leakage can cause further damage to your machine as well to your house’s walls and ceiling. Now, after having known about the AC unit leakage issue, time now to know about the reasons that causes AC machine to leak water stated by AC repair Hollywood here in this blog.

Torn Pump

Whenever there is a broken pump issue then water in the condensate pan will get overflow and this overflow pan will not be drawn into the drain line which will cause the pan to have overflow issue and the excess water will get leaked onto the floor. If the pump is not able to pump the excess water then either there is an issue with the motor or the condenser itself. If the machine is undergoing broken pump issue, then it would be better to consult the professional from AC repair Hollywood.

Erroneous Installation

Most often this leaking water sudden problem occurs when you had the installation done recently due to which the water gets buildup in the drain pan and overflow occurs. When this drain pan fills with water then overflow happens and causes damage to the home and air conditioning system. In order to fix this reason of leaking water, it’s best to get the installation done again as early as possible to avoid further leakage issue.