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Do You Know Why Your Air Conditioner Smell Bad

Doesn’t it sound awkward to hear that air conditioners too smell badly sometimes? Yes! They do smell bad and the homeowners sense it as soon as they switch ON the AC machine. This type of odor is unpleasant and usually, comes through the cool air from the unit. This can’t be said that for how much time the odor will last, it may last for a temporary period of time or can go away after a few minutes while still the machine is running or the worst case is that it could smell for the entire time till the system is running. There are several reasons for the odor to get generated in the AC unit and that’s why AC repair Plantation has mentioned two such causes so that you can identify the cause and prevent it if your air conditioning module is smelling bad.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are meant to remove dust and dirt from the air and when the interior part of the AC system becomes a damp environment, this can further cause the spores to be caught in air filters from where they grow even more and thus cause unpleasant bad odor. So the best thing is to change the air filters as often as there emerges a need so that there should not be any odor issues. So if changing air filters can resolve your problem, then it’s ok else, check with some other issue.

Stagnant Water

Usually, the condensation of air causes the excess water to be stagnating in the air conditioning machine which needs to be drained well so that it should not remain collected. If your module is not draining then excess water could back up and gets collected when your machine is not in use. Further, the stagnated water can intensify the growth of algae and mold. So the best solution for this is to clean out the bottom part so that it can drain properly.

These are the two major reasons highlighted by AC repair Plantation which should be checked at regular intervals of time in order to secure the air conditioner from smelling bad.

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