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Know All About Air Duct Cleaning Services in Plantation

Florida summers can be unforgiving as you already know, and life can actually come to a standstill if your AC stops working. Dirty air ducts are often the major reason why air-conditioners or even heaters stop functioning, since they are hidden behind walls and go unwashed or neglected for a long time. Remember that filthy ducts can spoil the indoor air quality as well. Hence, availing dependable air duct cleaning services is the only way you can address this issue.

When Do Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

There are several signs that may indicate that you need to go for air duct cleaning services at the earliest. If you can see mold growths in your ducts, then it might mean problems related to moisture. This can harmful for the air quality as well. Watch out for insect or rodent infestations too, if you notice scratches or droppings. Clogging of ducts due to excessive dirt and grime is also usual. In case you are using a fireplace, furnace or stove, then ducts must be examined and cleaned regularly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. So to breathe in healthy air, contact round-the-clock companies like AC Repair Plantation in Florida today. With the help of advanced techniques and extremely skilled staff, these companies can inspect and resolve your worries in no time.

A Look at The Cleaning System

The methods and techniques followed by reputed companies follow the guidelines provided by NADCA or National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Once you make a complaint, the air duct cleaning staff will visit your premises and understand the issues that you are facing. They will then undertake the following:

– Debris will be removed from ducts with powerful tools
– Floors will be covered with protective fabrics
– To maximize the air flow, air vents will be sealed
– The staff will enlighten you about how the duct system will be cleaned
– A vacuum will be connected to the main trunk line to collect impurities
– Air under pressure will be used to accumulate debris
– An air hose will then be inserted with an air whip into the duct walls to collect dirt
– A metal sheet will be installed over the hole then
– The hole will then be sealed so that the air whip can be inserted with a plug

Good To Know
Avoid postponing the cleaning of your air ducts if you want to keep respiratory or seasonal diseases and allergies at bay. Keep a check on your indoor air quality, so that you can hire cleaning services whenever a problem is noticed.