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Learn What You Can Do to Maintain Integral AC Parts

There’s no need to worry about what is the temperature outside your home when your air conditioner is working well. The problem starts when the cooling system starts misbehaving on a hot summer day. It is an annoying situation when an air conditioner is running, but still, you aren’t getting the desired comfort. A timely servicing by the experts of AC maintenance Plantation is the key to protect the appliance from severe problems.

But, apart from professional AC maintenance Plantation sessions, you can also do a few things by yourself in order to maintain the efficiency of crucial parts of an air-conditioning system. Having basic information about the functioning of air-conditioning systems can be helpful to users. In other words, you need to prevent crucial AC parts from unwanted malfunctioning so that you can experience an uninterrupted cooling in your home throughout the summers. Let’s find out what you can do by yourself to enhance the performance of a cooling system.

Which parts in an air conditioner are the most important and how to maintain their efficiency?

  • Evaporator & Condenser Coils: A layer of dust on any of these coils can make life difficult for your air conditioner. Cleaning the coils isn’t a complicated task if you have the required equipment and basic knowledge about it. The main reason why you need to clean the AC coil regularly is that dust particles can affect the heat-transfer process because they aren’t a good conductor of heat.
  • Air Ducts: The ductwork is unquestionably one of the most important parts of a central air conditioner. You need to keep them clean too because excessive dust in the air ducts can obstruct the airflow.
  • Filters: Preventing dust particles from entering the room along with the conditioned air is the only function of air filters. But when there’s too much dirt on the filter, it starts obstructing the airflow. So, clean the filters twice a month and replace them every 3-4 months.
  • Compressor: It is the most important as well as the most complicated part of an air-conditioning system. Easing down unnecessary pressure from the system is the only way to maintain the efficiency of an AC compressor.