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Look Quickly at Some Common Misbeliefs of Refrigerant

Having been acquainted with an air conditioner for so long must have made you aware about one very peculiar aspect of the air conditioner which is none other than the chemical substance called refrigerant. Isn’t it? Or even if you had no AC unit at home or office, then also your ears must have occasionally heard about this term. Well! It’s nothing but a chemical component that attains a cycle throughout the functioning of the machine and moves to and fro within the inside and outside components of the AC system. Now, as a homeowner, you had a few misconceptions about this substance in your mind, which we are sure would not have been correct. So, here in this blog the team of AC repair Plantation has taken an initiative to clarify few such myths or misunderstandings about refrigerant.

It is Used Like a Fuel

Unlike other fuels, which are commonly used for cars and scooters and other vehicles, the refrigerant is not a fuel for air conditioners. In fact, it is just used for heat exchange, the fan, the compressor and other components of the AC unit work by fetching electricity and not by fetching refrigerant. The main function of this is to absorb heat and release heat at a certain temperature and pressure. It acts as a heat exchanger that cools down your home.

Leaks are No Sign of Problem

Beware if you think so! This is not meant to be evacuated from the air conditioning module, though it is meant to dissipate heat, but a certain amount of this substance should remain in the AC else there is something wrong with your unit and you should immediately consult the technician of AC repair Plantation because if the refrigerant levels are too low then the indoor coil may freeze.

Freon is The Only Refrigerant

Undoubtedly, freon is the most common type of refrigerant that you usually recognize easily, however, it is the brand name and there are several other brands that can be used as well. The general term is refrigerant. What matters is that you should choose the right type of refrigerant for your system.

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