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Make Known the Insights of an HVAC Unit

Have you ever tried to go into the details of the components of your very own HVAC system that gives you comfort and relaxation in every season? What happened? Never ever thought about it! No problem, not only you, in fact, nobody bothers about it. However, it does not at all mean that you should not enquire about the components’ details or figure out how exactly each component of the unit works. You know, every module of the machine work together in collaboration with each other to keep your home at its ideal temperature. Now, having known all this, are you not interested in studying about few modules’ details? If you are interested then read the blog in which HVAC repair Plantation has mentioned about few components.


This is a key component, it is usually large and acquire substantial space and often gets installed in the basement or a closet. It is filled with hot water or air and allows the cold or hot air to move outward into the ducts that gets distributed to several rooms of your house. The hot or cool air in the ducts gets passed with the help of vents. Yes! Vents allow the air to pass easily and fairly to every corner of the house.

Condensing Unit

This module gets installed outside the building. This unit is usually filled with a special type of gas called refrigerant gas that is cooled down through the exchange of heat with the outside air. After this, it is compressed and condensed into a liquid form and sent to the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil further lowers the temperature of the liquid and makes it into a gaseous form. During evaporation, the refrigerant gas is sent back to the condensing unit and then the process gets repeated again in order to generate cold air.


This is the most accessible part of the HVAC system that is set on the accessible wall. Either it is usually automatically programmable or you can set it manually to alter the temperature and set your home at a desirable temperature. Now, the good thing about the thermostat is that when the surrounding temperature becomes too hot or too cold then the thermostat triggers the heat exchanger or the evaporator coil or condensing unit to redo the process of circulating warmed or cooled air again.

Now, these were the most basic components which HVAC repair Plantation has discussed, try to broaden up your knowledge and find out more about the HVAC components.