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What is a Radiant Barrier and When Do You Need it the Most?

One of the most essential things that a homeowner really aspires in order to let the heat out of their house is to have some kind of barrier. Well! That barrier is scientifically called as radiant barrier which is a technology that provides a reflective surface and prevents the heat from entering into the house. This is usually beneficial for diverting the infrared rays that strike on the roof and heats up the roofing material and the heat gets radiated in all over the house. The radiant barrier will not allow the heat to come into the house and keep it towards the roof and thus makes the house stay cooler in summers.

When do You Need the Radiant Barrier Most ?

The radiant barrier is quite helpful to save the house from the sweltering heat that usually comes from the attic when the heat gets into it, but still people prefer it when it is needed the most and can’t be avoided. The value of a radiant barrier is highly dependent on what type of home structure you have and in which type of climate you live in, the amount of sun exposure you have during the day and what is the insulation system plugged into your home. Though these are few basic requirements, but still AC repair West Palm Beach has highlighted few major situations when installing a radiant barrier will be beneficial to you.

Attic has Poor Insulation

If you stay in an older home then going for a radiant barrier is much inexpensive than actually letting the insulation replacement as the more you keep the attic insulated the more your house will be insulated from the sun’s rays and heat and thus you can keep the inside environment cooler.

The Roof is Directly Exposed to Sun’s Rays

Reducing the effects of heat and direct sunlight is of the major concerns in summers and this what can be resolved through a radiant barrier which can aid in reducing the heat gain into the house and thus facilitate a healthier and cooler environment to live in especially in summers. If you own a building which has a metal roof then installing a radiant barrier is highly recommended as metal can get very hot and the radiant barrier can greatly benefit your house in staying cool.

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