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Reasons that why Does Your AC not Working

Ac is a complex machine and so does its faults. In order to work properly, the AC need to have a perfect combination of temperature, airflow and pressure so that it can give the required services. When you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling, it doesn’t mean that there is an expensive repair to be done because sometimes there is a small problem and that need to get fixed easily. So here in this blog Air conditioning repair Plantation has summarized below few reasons that are usually remain responsible for the AC not to work efficiently.


When you bring your new air conditioner, you feel excited and happy about buying such an expensive machine and in that you forget that in order to take better services from the air conditioner, it needs to be installed properly otherwise it won’t imp[art the consistent services. So one of the most obvious reasons for the AC not working is the improper installation.

Condenser Unit

Another reason highlighted by air conditioning repair Plantation is the condenser unit which is quite overlooked and is not cleaned properly. The condenser unit is placed outside so it hardly gets a cleanup session but it’s very important to clean the condenser unit as the leaves, dust and debris usually attack on the condenser unit and make it block not to function effectively.

Low Refrigerant

Now this is very important to have refrigerant levels intact in the air conditioner in order to get cool air out of the AC system. But sometimes because of leaks and holes the refrigerant shortage occurs and because of it, you hardly get any cool air. So make sure that you always get the refrigerant checked by the professional so that your AC works in an adequate manner.