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Some Helpful Methods to Stay Restful from Pollution in Winters

Air pollution is a major problem which we usually don’t give much attention. The AQI levels rise high in winters and things become unmanageable to control. The air pollution generally gets worse in winters and managing scheduled activities becomes very difficult. Well! The high air pollution is not so easy to control especially in winters but there are some ways using which you can control the effect of air pollution. Read below some of the effective ways by AC repair Plantation service which has summarized ways so that you and your loved ones can protect themselves from air pollution.

Check Air Quality

The first step you should do to protect from air pollution is to check the air quality index. It is essential to monitor the quality of air before stepping out. There are many air quality monitoring applications which can assist in keeping a check on the air quality in area. You can also use the apps to monitor the air quality and after checking that you should do your other activities outside.

Keep Plants that Reduce Pollution

Not only outdoor pollution, but also indoor pollution rises high in winters. There are few chemicals like CO, benzene, xylene that reside inside homes. So to reduce air pollution inside home, you can keep plants. The plants are very helpful in reducing the pollution and increasing the oxygen content. The plants which you can use at homes to reduce air pollution are aloe vera, peace lily, weeping fig and such others.

Wear N99 Masks

Wearing N99 masks are proved to be very good for overall health as they even filter out 0.3 micron particulate. So if you are in a spirit to move outside in the evenings. Then use N99 masks as they will not let any particle to go inside your lungs. Make sure that you buy N99 masks from a reliable store and it should be of the right size.