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Ways to Detect Problems with your AC Unit Compressor

There is no denying the fact that a properly working AC unit during the hot summers is a blessing. You can quite easily ensure this with a regular AC repair service however, there are times when some seemingly minor but essential aspects of AC maintenance are missed out on and this actually causes major issues later. An example of this is the cleaning or AC installation service, which when goes wrong, can significantly affect the performance of the AC unit and cause it to breakdown much before expected.

Typically, there is a certain lifespan that an AC unit is considered to last for. In most cases, it is about 15 years. This holds true if the AC unit is well serviced and maintained regularly. Regular maintenance will ensure that any problems with any part of the AC unit are identified at the earliest so that corrective steps are taken on an immediate basis. That being said, emergency AC repair Plantation may still be required for some unforeseen cases such as physical damage to the AC unit or bad weather conditions ruining it. This is where it becomes imperative for the homeowners to watch-out for signs of trouble. In this regard, what is often missed out is the compressor that is located in the outdoor unit of the HVAC system.

The AC Compressor

Your HVAC unit’s compressor is one of the most important integral parts of the unit. Special care is taken during the AC installation service to fix the compressor carefully and it is important to note that it is also quite expensive to repair this part. The basic purpose of the AC compressor is to circulate the refrigerant or the coolant through the coils of the indoor and outdoor units for efficient heat exchange. When the compressor isn’t working optimally, cooling issues are most evident. So, how do you identify there could be a potential problem with your AC unit’s compressor until it reaches a point that you have to frantically call in for emergency AC repair Plantation? Here are the clues that you can be looking out for –

No Cool Air Inside:

This is probably the most initial affect indicating problems with the AC unit’s compressor. Homeowners may consider this to be an issue with the thermostat sometimes while others may get the coolant refueled. If your AC unit is relatively new and the AC installation service was done by a professionally, you can easily rule out the need for refrigerant cooling and take your focus towards the compressor.

Loud Noise:

If you find that the outdoor unit starts with a jerk when you turn on the AC unit or there is too much noise from the unit, you can consider this as a sign of your compressor going kaput.

Circuit Breaker Tripping:

When the compressor of your AC unit is not working optimally, it will tend to consume more energy and this may cause the circuit breaker to trip. When this happens too frequently and your AC unit’s power is getting turned off, you should call for emergency AC repair Plantation and ask for the compressor to be checked.