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Why is Your AC Blowing Dust in the Summer?

If you have cleaned the house and noticing that there is dust all around, then most probably your AC is blowing dust in the summer time. Usually you assume that the dust comes from doors and windows and other sources, but many times your AC blows out dust and keeps your home occupied with dust. So have you ever realized that why your air conditioner is blowing dust and why not cool air? Well! To know that, just read the blog in which the AC repair Plantation service has mentioned few unique reasons for your air conditioning unit blowing dust.

Ducts are Leaky

Leaky ducts are a common problem among home owners. Since the ductwork unit is behind the walls or in the attic or in the basement, the AC unit picks up the dust and blows out in your home. So the best way to get rid of this issue is to seal the duct properly. If there are any type of repairs or sealing required, then go ahead and fix the duct system. Make sure that you check your ducts as soon as possible.

Better Filters

The filter is there to clean the air before circulating it all around the home, so if the filters are of poor quality, then they will not work efficiently and will certainly distribute dust all around the home. So the best way is to clean and replace the filters whenever it is possible. So buy those filters which have high efficiency and can help to trap even the smallest particles of dust.

Wash Outdoor Unit         

Sometimes after a dust storm, the outdoor unit becomes absolutely dusty and filthy. This in turn leads to many issues when your AC is turned ON. So before you switch ON your AC, it is essential to wash the entire outdoor unit thoroughly and remove dust from the tiny air fins where the dust accumulates even more. Doing so will keep your AC dust-free.

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