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Evaluating An AC Service Company Before Hiring It

Getting an Air conditioner fitted in your home, office, school, marriage hall or any sort of corporate location is a major investment. It is as big an investment as the land itself. Appliances such as an AC, HVAC system, Heating Pump etc. are supposed to last 10-12 years provided they are routinely maintained and serviced. […]

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Advantages Of Having Multi Speed Motor In Your AC

Are you thinking to buy a brand new air conditioning unit for your home? Buy a central AC system that has a variable speed motor. Most of us are not aware that these options are available in the AC system and hence we buy one that offers full speed and shuts off. Do you know, […]

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Crucial Tips to Choose Air Conditioners for Your Lovely Home

We all know that air conditioners are for the sole purpose of removing heat and humidity from our lovely home. But do you know the basic and crucial tips, how to choose the most suitable air conditioners? If you are going through the process of choosing an air conditioner for your lovely home then heed […]

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